90 Day‘s Madelein Just Revealed Where She & Luke Stand After The Show

If you’re watching season four but don’t want to have to wait until the season ends to find out, you’re probably looking for spoilers as to if Luke and Madelein are still together from 90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise.

There’s a lot of content to consume in the 90-Day Fiancé universe. The original show follows couples who have received a K-1 visa, which is uniquely available to betrothed partners of US citizens. The Other Way is exactly what it sounds like—American couples who move to their partner’s home country. “It’s about love,” 90 Day Fiancé executive producer, Matt Sharp, told Gold Derby in May 2022 when asked what makes the TLC reality TV series so popular.

“Love is primal, but I think we tapped into a couple of things. One is that this show is incredibly authentic. I’m a huge lover of The Bachelor and that franchise, however, we were one of the first shows to actually tell real stories about ordinary Americans and their love journeys. Also, this show is about this journey with other cultures. When we launched this show in 2014, we were on the ‘love frontier’ of this whole new era of finding people all over the world.”

He continued: “This is the most diverse show on television,” Sharp asserted. “You can challenge me on it. We featured people from 51 countries at this point. We have subtitles. We have people that don’t speak the same language and have completely different cultures. We’re trying to tell unique stories every time and when we’re in the casting process we’re evaluating people based on their personalities, backgrounds and their stories, but also we just want to tell unique, fresh, interesting stories.”

He also explained that the show has no say in the visa process or anything like that. “This is an authentic process,” he explains. “We make a point of having an arm’s length with that process. We’ll check in and say, ‘How’s it going?’ Are there people that we have said, ‘Wouldn’t it be great for the show?” and then a fiancé went through the visa process and they got denied and we didn’t feature them? Of course.” But of course, you can be excited for the drama and want to know how everything ends.

On season four, four lovestruck Americans travel to new international locations including Brazil, Italy, Malta, and Colombia to be with their significant others. But will it work out? Here’s if Luke and Madelein from 90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise are still together.

Are Luke and Madelein still together from 90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise?

Are Luke & Madelein still together from 90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise? It certainly seems so from their social media accounts. On April 20, 2024, Madelein shared two videos to her Instagram stories (since expired) showing her lying in bed while Luke stroked her arm; another showed them hanging out on a couch together.

On February 8, 19-year-old Madelein posted a drone video of their engagement (which, if we’re being honest, looks a little robotic and staged but who are we to judge?). “One of the most special moments of my life, you managed to make my dream day a reality what I felt at that moment was indescribable woo, it was so magical, unique and I will remember this forever,” she wrote in the caption.

“YES, I want everything with you, to walk the path of our lives with ups and downs but together that is the really important thing.” They still follow each other, so that’s a good sign. However, the trailer for the latest series suggested there were going to be hurdles—this is reality TV, after all, and what would reality TV be without some drama?

“I live in this apartment for one year, and Luke pay all the bills,” she told producers, suggesting she expected Luke to support her lavish lifestyle. While playing with her small, white fluffy dog, she said: “Angel is my tiny albino Pomeranian. Luke buy her for me.” She revealed he also bought her breast implants. “Luke give it to me. I love them so much.” 

According to TLC: “Luke met Madelein in Colombia while he was on vacation. The two instantly hit it off and they ended up spending Luke’s entire holiday together. Once Luke returned to LA, he decided he was going to move to Colombia to be with Madelein. Only there’s one little hiccup—the once wealthy Luke gets a reality check and doesn’t have the money to move, nor can he support Madelein’s lavish lifestyle like she believes he can.”

90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise airs on Mondays at 8 pm EST on TLC.

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