Accident on A555 near Bornheim: BMW crashes into Jeep, driver (65) dies

Bornheim – The front of the BMW is completely torn apart, cables and body parts are hanging out, the hood is pressed against the windshield. The BMW driver (33) crashed into a Mercedes Jeep in front of him with enormous force. The driver (65) died.

The 33-year-old was on the A 555 between Bornheim and Wesseling at 12:30 a.m. on Sunday night (NRW) on the way. Whether he fell into a microsleep is unclear! His BMW drove into the senior’s black Jeep at high speed and probably almost without braking. The Jeep’s rear tires burst and the car skidded.

Both drivers were taken to hospitals with serious injuries. But there was nothing more the doctors could do for the Jeep driver; he died in the clinic that night.

“The highway was completely closed for the rescue. The closure lasted about three hours,” said a police spokesman. Both cars are total losses.

Die police is now investigating the exact cause of the fatal accident.

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