Cops Close in on Student-Occupied Building at Columbia University

Officers in the New York Police Department entered Columbia University after sunset on Tuesday, less than 24 hours after students protesting the war in Gaza broke into and occupied a campus building, according to its student radio station and The New York Times.

Police entered Hamilton Hall through a second-story window after erecting a ladder-bridge with an emergency services truck. Other officers swept an all-but-abandoned encampment on a nearby lawn, shining flashlights into tents as they searched for occupants.

Student journalists at WKCR reported that they were being forcibly herded away from the scene as officers began clearing student protesters out of the building. Columbia earlier issued a campus-wide order to shelter in place.

It was not immediately clear if arrests were being made.

CBS News reported that Columbia officials had granted the New York Police Department the authority to enter campus.

Scores of officers in riot gear had begun gathering outside the campus, which has been closed to non-students for days, earlier on Tuesday. The heavy police presence sparked rumors that a raid was imminent.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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