Emrata’s Pairing Business Casual with a Sports Bra

Model-slash-author Emily Ratajkowski is dressed like a model-slash-author. On a walk with her baby and a friend, Emily Ratajkowski‘s sports bra, white crisp shirt, and blazer captured our attention. She paired the look with a pair of high-waisted, black trousers and soccer shoes, either Adidas Sambas or Gazelles or some other shoe of that sensibility.

Emrata also has her hands hidden in a very Ariana Grande sweater paws-esque way that I do think we need to shout out. She also had a pair of sunnies on and a high-to-the-neck silver necklace. The white shirt and blazer layer amazingly. She really popped that collar over the lapel in a way that screams rockstar. I know we always talk about the 2010s-era business casual at the club horrors, and while we are perhaps not quite there yet, you know, who’s to say?

Obviously celebs know that when they step out of the house with their baby in a stroller, they kind of have to stunt so that I can write stories like this about their outfits for my job. But it’s also worth noting that Emrata’s friend (I don’t know their name, I’m sorry) is dressed in a very cool, but much more relaxed fit that I would say represents the people—it certainly represents me. It’s a pair of flip flops, some pajama pants, and an Online Ceramics hoodie. The hoodie is obvious proof you spend time on fashion Instagrams or listening to the Throwing Fits pod, so that when you walk around New York in your cozies, your neighborhood does not mistake you for someone who’s unaware of drip. But then again, if you’re walking next to Emily Ratajkowski, who would?

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