Home News Higher temperatures on the way in Bay Area cities

Higher temperatures on the way in Bay Area cities


Hotter temperatures are on the way again.

Although it’s not expected to be as intense as last week’s heat wave, the National Weather Service issued another heat advisory early Sunday morning, with inland areas of the South Bay, East Bay and North Bay possibly hitting the upper 90s to the triple digits later in the week.

“Today’s kind of our last day of normal temperatures for this time of year,” said Dylan Flynn of the National Weather Service-Bay Area. “Tomorrow will be a few degrees above normal, then Tuesday is going to be our hottest day of the week.”

Coastal areas along the Pacific and the Bay Area are expected to be around the 60s to 70s.

“By Tuesday afternoon, most places that aren’t touching the coast or the bay are going to be in the 60s, while inland areas will be in the mid-90s,” Flynn said.

By Tuesday, temperatures are expected to be as high as 97 degrees in Concord and Livermore, and 92 degrees in San Jose.

Heat risk is only “minor to moderate,” however, Flynn said.

The 2024 fire season has already gotten off to an explosive start with the Corral Fire earlier this month tearing through 14,168 acres of land around the Livermore and Tracy areas.

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