How Prince Edward Really Feels About Being ‘Snubbed’ by Brother King Charles

In recent weeks, the Duke of Edinburgh has been stepping up big time to support his older brother as the monarch continues to undergo cancer treatment. Yet for Prince Edward, King Charles’ royal title appointments appear to be running scarce. The monarch’s youngest brother was seemingly overlooked for a new royal title—and he’s reportedly “disappointed” by the snub.

On April 23, 2024, King Charles issued new royal appointments to members of the royal family. While Prince Edward, and his wife, Duchess Sophie, have been doing their part to represent the royal family at public events as both King Charles and Princess Kate battle their own cancer diagnoses, the couple were not included on the list of the monarch’s new royal appointments. Instead, King Charles appointed his daughter-in-law, Princess Kate, as the Royal Companion of the Order of the Companions of Honour, the first royal to hold this title. Prince William was also named the Great Master of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, a position left vacant since 2022 after King Charles’s accession.

The Companion of Honour is a special award given to those who have made significant contributions in arts, science, medicine, or government over a long period. Past recipients include notable figures like Dame Maggie Smith, physicist Stephen Hawking, politician John Major, and bishop Desmond Tutu. According to a source who spoke to Us Weekly, Prince Edward was all but expecting to be the recipient of this new honor, given his involvement in the arts. “They have really stepped things up with their commitment to service over the past few years. Edward’s household were hoping he would get an honor,” the source told the outlet. “He’s dedicated to the arts, and that’s often overlooked with his theater work.”

According to the insider, Prince Edward was upset by the oversight. “It was disappointing, the snub, but they are still as loyal as ever,” the source shared, noting, however, that the brothers continue to remain on good terms. “Charles has done nothing but sing their praises lately and it’s brought them even closer as brothers.”

Shortly after the snub, King Charles gave his brother yet another opportunity to step up to the plate. Given his ability to handle public duties, Prince Edward was asked to take on his most significant role yet in leading the Royal Family in celebrating Anzac Day on April 25, 2024. This day commemorates the anniversary of the First World War Gallipoli landings and is a significant day of remembrance for Australia and New Zealand. The celebration marked a major milestone for Prince Edward, as this role is traditionally held by the King or Queen of England.

“That King Charles has chosen his youngest brother to step up and lead the royals today in celebrating Anzac Day is a sign of how much Edward has grown comfortably into royal life and how much his brother admires and trusts him,” royal commentator Sarah Louise Robertson told Us Weekly. “A couple of decades ago few would have ever thought the now Duke of Edinburgh capable of such an undertaking.”

Robertson went on to stress the importance of Prince Edward’s existing roles, suggesting that despite the recent royal title snub, he has plenty of responsibility to keep him occupied. “He recently replaced the 88-year-old Duke of Kent as Colonel of the Scots Guards; he was also awarded the Order of the Thistle, Scotland’s highest royal honor, on his 60th birthday earlier this year,” Robertson explained. “Going forward he will be a wise counsel to the future king, Prince William, and a real dependable asset in today’s new slimmed-down monarchy, someone who steps up to the plate and royal duty without fuss or fanfare.”

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