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How To Solve The Bunny Mural Puzzle In Animal Well


Animal Well is a Metroidvania with all sorts of secrets and hidden items scattered around the map, like the Bunny Mural. This is not only a puzzle but also a collaborative work involving players across the globe.

This puzzle cannot be solved alone, making it one of the more difficult puzzles Animal Well has to offer. Before heading out searching for the Bunny Mural, ensure you’ve found Animal Well‘s egg room, where you can check your progress and mark your map with stamps.


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How To Find the Bunny Mural Puzzle

Bunny Mural Room in Animal Well

Before you can find all the pieces of the Bunny Mural, you’ll have to see it first. From the central chamber, where you place the flames after picking them up, head to the right until you reach this particular room in Animal Well with the Bunny Mural. Activate the Remote in this room, which will explode part of the room to reveal a control panel. This isn’t the Remote’s only use; your other items can be used in many ways, but here, the Remote allows you to interact with the mural.

If you use your Top in this room, you’ll reveal a secret pathway that leads to your puzzle piece. This is a four-by-four grid of colored squares, with a number of dots on each of the four sides. This puzzle piece is one of 50 that make up the mural, and you should look at how many dots are on each side of your piece.

Bunny Mural Puzzle Solution

Solved Bunny Mural from Animal Well

One of the first places this mural and its solution were noticed was by players Griffin McElroy and Russ Frushtick on their podcast, The Besties. While playing, the two noticed that they both had puzzle pieces, but both players’ pieces were different. With this information, they correctly guessed that each player was given a different piece of the mural.

While this is one of the more straightforward puzzles Animal Well offers, it’s also one of the trickiest. Not because it’s mechanically challenging or super cerebral, but because it will take 49 other players to complete. Each player will only get one piece in their game, meaning you’ll need to play with other people to collect all 50 pieces. The solved mural is in the image above, but the intended path of the solution is for players to reach out to one another and work together to collect all the puzzle pieces.

Animal Well provides some of the most entertaining and unique features seen in a Metroidvania game in quite some time. In a game that seems infinite, there are tons of hours worth of content to experience and even more to be explored once the credits have rolled. Immerse yourself in this vibrant technicolor world and put your puzzle-solving skills to the test.

Source: The Besties

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