I Tried Epres’ New Healthy Hair Shampoo & Conditioner on My Damaged Hair

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If you have damaged hair like me, Epres’ hair products—specifically, Epres’ Healthy Hair Shampoo and Conditioner—may be a dream come true. The brand was founded by Eric Pressly, one of the material scientists behind the cult-favorite brand Olaplex. And its products use patented Biodiffusion technology to strengthen the bonds in your hair. As someone who has struggled with brittle hair due to bleaching, I was curious to put Epres’ products to the test. So I spent a week trying the brand’s new shampoo and conditioner to see whether they could strengthen and restore my damaged locks.

Epres is known for its Bond Repair Treatment, a spray you’re supposed to use once or twice a week to make your hair stronger and softer. That spray costs $50 and adds another step to your haircare routine—meanwhile, the new shampoo and conditioner duo costs $68 and replaces products you’re already using. Since Epres is (unsurprisingly) often compared to Olaplex, I had high expectations for the new drop. Epres’ shampoo and conditioner duo is $8 more expensive than Olaplex’s, and I rarely use high-end hair products in general. (My go-to shampoo and conditioner cost under $20 combined.) I was interested to see how different my hair would look and feel after using the products consistently.

How does Epres Shampoo and Conditioner work?

Epres is big on its science-first approach to haircare. And since I’m not exactly a STEM girly, I wanted to ask founder Eric Pressly about it. “Epres utilizes science in its haircare products through its patented Biodiffusion technology,” he tells StyleCaster. “This formula penetrates deep into the hair shaft, reconstructing bonds and strengthening strands from within.” While some conditioners sit on top of your hair to form a protective shield around it, Epres’ products repair the structure of your hair from the inside out.

The products promise to work on every hair type—and to show results after just one use. They’re also supposed to continue working once you’re out of the shower. “Unlike traditional haircare products, Epres’ technology ensures continuous repair even after the hair is dry, promising faster drying times and long-lasting results,” Pressly says.

Our Epres Shampoo and Conditioner review

My first experience with the new products was at the salon, where a hairstylist used the Healthy Hair Shampoo, the Healthy Hair Conditioner, and the Bond Repair Treatment on me. Of course my hair looked and felt great after going to the salon. But for me, the at-home application was the true test. I wanted to see if I could easily use the products on myself at home and get the same results. (While I was chiefly testing the new shampoo and conditioner, I also used the Bond Repair Treatment spray as part of my routine.)

When I went to try the shampoo and conditioner at home, one major difference struck me right away: The shampoo was much thinner than shampoos I’ve used in the past—so much so that it was difficult to apply at first. The texture takes some getting used to, but the formula is like that on purpose. Epres tries to cut out unnecessary ingredients that do nothing for your hair, so its shampoo becomes thinner and leaves less buildup behind.

“We don’t use Quaternary Amines in any products. The most common thickener in almost all shampoos—guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride—is a quat that thickens the shampoo and increases foam by coating the hair but also builds up on the hair,” Pressly says. “Epres’ new Healthy Hair Shampoo was specifically formulated to avoid this buildup, which also leads to a thinner consistency in the shampoo. After a week or so of using the Healthy Hair Shampoo and Conditioner, you will be able to feel the quats on your hair if you try your old one.” (I haven’t switched back to my old products after using these, but I’m so curious to see if I can feel the quats when I do.)

Aside from the difference in texture, Epres’ products were really easy to use. I’ve always found Olaplex treatments confusing, since there are so many different products and steps. But Epres’ recommended haircare routine is straightforward: Spray the Bond Repair Treatment on your hair 10 minutes before hopping in the shower (or leave it on overnight), and use the shampoo and conditioner like you normally would. There are no special instructions or extra steps, although you can use the Healthy Hair Conditioner as a leave-in treatment if you want to.

I’m pretty low-maintenance when it comes to my hair, and I found the whole routine completely doable. It also felt like Epres kept ease of use in mind when designing its products—which meant a lot to me and made the whole product line feel well-thought-out.

After using Epres’ Healthy Hair Shampoo & Conditioner at the salon. Photo courtesy of cultivatedashley.

The products also made an immediate difference on my hair. Maybe I wasn’t using the right products on my hair before, but my damaged hair became soft to the touch—and surprisingly, my brittle ends did too—after just one wash with Epres. I had no complaints, aside from the products’ subtle scent.

I love a sweet-smelling shampoo, and I wasn’t exactly in love with the scent of the Healthy Hair Shampoo and Conditioner. Of course, that’s intentional—Pressly wants to clearly disclose the fragrances Epres uses, rather than hiding them in the brand’s formulas. Both products are scented with naturally derived vanillin, so they have a subtle vanilla scent, and I found the fragrance a bit underwhelming. But if sacrificing my beloved sweet scents means getting such great results on my hopeless hair, I’m happy to make the tradeoff.

Epres is just as intentional about its sustainability efforts as it is about its scents. All the brand’s products have biodegradable formulas (which is pretty uncommon in haircare), and its packaging is designed with sustainability in mind. It’s nice to know every decision is made for a specific reason, and it makes the products feel even more worth the buy. 

Is Epres Shampoo and Conditioner worth the buy?

After testing Epres’ Healthy Hair Shampoo, Healthy Hair Conditioner, and Bond Repair Treatment for a week, I think they’re well worth the money. They’re cost about three times as much as my go-to haircare products, but I’d definitely buy them again.

My hair is currently suffering the consequences of countless at-home hair dye projects, and I’d lost hope it would return to its natural state any time soon. But it seems more possible now. Epres’ claim to revolutionize haircare isn’t just smoke and mirrors—my badly damaged hair truly feels healthy again.

Epres Healthy Hair Shampoo

Epres’ Healthy Hair Shampoo promises to repair your hair even after it dries. The watery formula might feel strange at first, but it lathers up as usual.

Epres Healthy Hair Conditioner

The Healthy Hair Conditioner is the perfect companion to the shampoo. It softens and repairs your hair without feeling heavy. And because of the unique formula, Epres recommends using the two together.

Epres Bond Repair Treatment

To round out your routine, you can also use the Epres Bond Repair Treatment. Pour one treatment vial into the spray bottle, and fill the rest up with water. The spray bottle makes it easy to saturate all of your hair. You can either let it sit for 10 minutes before washing your hair, or you can leave it on overnight.

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