Inside the ‘Screaming Match’ That Ended GMA Weatherman Rob Marciano’s Career

ABC News senior meteorologist Rob Marciano was fired this week after he got into a “heated screaming match” with one of the producers of Good Morning America, two sources familiar with the situation told The Daily Beast.

Following the veteran weatherman’s recent outburst towards the producer, the network’s chief meteorologist, Ginger Zee, overheard the story of Marciano’s latest workplace tirade. Zee then decided to report the incident to network leadership, considering that it wasn’t the first time that Marciano had crossed the line on the set.

Sources said that given the history of past complaints about Marciano’s behavior, the network decided this “was the last straw” and gave him his walking papers.

An ABC News spokesperson declined to comment. Zee and Marciano did not respond to requests for comment.

It was previously reported that Marciano was fired this week following complaints by staffers over his behavior, which included anger issues. The actual incident that led to his termination, however, had not been publicly revealed.

The New York Post reported on Wednesday that Marciano “clashed” with Zee for years, that their working relationship had long been stormy, and they did not collaborate.

“I think she brought out the worst in him. I’m not giving him a pass,” one source told The Post.

Marciano, who joined ABC News in 2014, had previously been “banned” from the Good Morning America studio in 2022 over what Page Six described at the time as “anger management issues.” The prohibition from the set of the network’s staple morning show lasted roughly a year.

Reporting on the lengthy banishment, Page Six noted that Marciano had made another female colleague feel uncomfortable and that he was punished for “improper” behavior. Besides issues surrounding “alarming events” on set, the tabloid reported last year that Marciano had been “cranky” as he was going through a divorce at the time.

An ABC insider also told The Daily Beast that Marciano’s exile from the GMA tapings revolved not just around his anger but also his tendency to “overshare” information with female staffers regarding his divorce, thus creating an awkward work environment. His marriage to Eryn Marciano officially ended in January 2023, and the divorce proceedings began the previous summer.

As for the shouting incident that prompted his firing, sources said that others witnessed Marciano’s tirade, and soon Zee, the network’s top meteorologist, found out about it. After she reported the on-set argument, management decided that they’d seen too many complaints about Marciano’s behavior and showed him the door.

Following his temporary banishment from the GMA studios, Marciano announced last September that he would no longer work the weekend shifts for the morning program and was switching to weekdays. Incidentally, when he was first hired by the network, he filled the weekend role previously held by Zee. He noted at that time that he was not departing the network and was also preparing to embark on an “exciting new journey” with NatGeo.

Prior to joining ABC News, Marciano was a co-anchor of the syndicated Hollywood gossip show Entertainment Tonight and a meteorologist for CNN. In addition to his appearances on Good Morning America, Marciano also provided weather updates for ABC’s flagship nightly news program World News Tonight.

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