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Letters: Blame city | Wasted vote | Price controls | Trump should quit


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Blame city leaders
for lack of direct flights

There have been several articles about unhappiness over declining passenger counts and lack of longer nonstop and international flights at Mineta San Jose International Airport. None have addressed a root cause, which was then-Mayor Sam Liccardo’s decision to increase building heights over downtown.

He did this to please developers over the strenuous objections of the Airport Director and the Airport Commission, as well as direct feedback from the airlines. The facts are that airlines can’t and won’t schedule or fly larger, heavier airplanes (i.e. international and long-distance flights) if there is no safe option in the event of an engine failure or problem.

So thank your local high-rise developer for the lack of those flights, and enjoy the drive to San Francisco International Airport or Oakland International Airport.

John McGowan

Don’t waste your
vote on RFK Jr.

Re: “Democracy in need of viable third hopeful” (Page A6, May 22).

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the son of a great politician but he’s not Bronny James. He benefits from his name, but doesn’t have the requisite talent.

His own family has said they won’t vote for him. He suffered from a worm eating part of his brain apparently, and he still believes that vaccines that saved us from COVID are some kind of conspiracy by the federal government.

While Fred Gutmann will waste his vote again, don’t be fooled into doing the same. If RFK siphons enough votes, we could end up without democracy and with the “dictator” on Day 1. A vote for RFK is not good advice from Gutmann unless you’re a fan of a convicted felon trying to usurp our democracy.

John Bingham
San Jose

Price controls could
widen internet access

Re: “Congress must act so millions do not lose access to internet” (Page A8, June 2).

I am writing concerning your recent piece written by Christian Arana about the loss of internet access for millions of Americans. This concerns me because it would widen the technology access gap for many students. This lack of access leads to many students’ low academic performances, and differences in opportunities and learning experiences for many students.

This is what many people call the “digital divide.” It is the gap between those with sufficient access to technology and those who don’t have access.

As for the solution proposed in your article, I like the idea of extending affordable connectivity programs, although I think it is a temporary solution and doesn’t address the high costs of internet services. Implementing regulations to control internet prices would ensure long-term affordability and would allow many families to gain a connection.

Oscar Freau
San Francisco

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