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Letters: Stanford protests | Diverse nation | Just verdicts


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Stanford protesters
display typical ignorance

Re: “Stanford protest leads to 13 arrests” (Page A1, June 6).

The recent article about protests at Stanford over the Israel-Palestine debacle is both sad and pathetic. I’m old enough to have been at — not in — the Bay Area college protests in the 60s. Both exhibit the same flaws of logic. While one cannot deny the intensity and often true desire for justice, by far most of the participants are sadly uninformed and ignorant of the past.

The Standford protest was typical. As Hilary Clinton pointed out recently, such protests show an immense ignorance of Mideast history, so they are misguided from step one.

In addition, their centuries-old rhetoric is still childish. Invariably they begin with a list of “non-negotiable demands.” That is by definition a nonstarter for any negotiation.

Lastly, they confuse a right to protest with a right to disrupt the lives of others.

Jake Sinclair
Palo Alto

Trump is not the man
to lead diverse nation

I have read so many articles about “what the Trump conviction means for the 2024 election.”

What it means to me is that the American voter will have a choice between a convicted felon or an honest citizen for president. And, what does it look like and say about our country that we have a choice like that? We have a democracy. The requirements for eligibility for president are 35 years of age and born in the United States. It does not require that you be honest or of high morals. And, we leave it to citizens 18 years or older, but not a felon, to decide who can lead such a diverse population in such a dangerous world.

I fear for our democracy.

Kathryn Marzolf
San Jose

Justice, not politics,
drove Trump verdicts

Re: “Trump’s strategy could hurt him at sentencing” (Page A3, June 4).

According to loyal MAGA followers, Donald Trump’s criminal convictions were purely political, although 12 New York jurors unanimously agreed that Trump feloniously violated state law.

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