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In a recent interview, Christel Hoolans, the General Director of Dargaud, a prominent French publishing company, offered some intriguing insights into the relationship between manga awards and book sales. Contrary to popular belief, Hoolans revealed that winning prestigious awards like the Manga Taisho doesn’t always lead to a surge in sales for publishers and creators.

Despite the fervor and excitement among manga fans surrounding these awards, Hoolans explained that the buzz generated online doesn’t necessarily translate into tangible sales growth.

Award winning Manga “Golden Kamuy” (credits – Satoru Noda)

While Dargaud proudly showcases award wins on their website and social media to garner attention from booksellers and journalists, they’ve found little evidence to suggest a significant impact on sales figures.

Hoolans contrasted this with the influential Prix Goncourt, a prestigious French book award known for its remarkable ability to multiply sales.

Reflecting on Dargaud’s experience with winning a Goncourt award, Hoolans observed how sales skyrocketed, sometimes even multiplying by ten. This stark contrast highlights the unique influence that literary awards wield within the publishing industry.

Christel Hoolans (credits – Reddit)

Despite the lack of a comparable phenomenon in the manga world, Hoolans acknowledged the importance of awards in recognizing artistic merit and enhancing a creator’s reputation. However, she emphasized the need for a more nuanced understanding of their role, recognizing their limited impact on sales while still valuing their significance within the professional realm.

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