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San Jose food bank preps warehouse shutdown after facing rent hike


SAN JOSE — Second Harvest of Silicon Valley, one of the Bay Area’s key food banks, has decided to shut one of its warehouses after the nonprofit learned it was facing a rent hike.

The soon-to-shut warehouse is at 528 Brennan Street in San Jose, according to the food bank.

San Jose-based Second Harvest was told by its landlord that a multi-year rent increase was in the offing for the Brennan Street warehouse.

“We analyzed our current operational and volunteer needs and determined that the cost required to maintain the facility is no longer the best use of our resources,” said Diane Baker Hayward, a spokesperson for Second Harvest of Silicon Valley.

Second Harvest intends to close the warehouse by Aug. 31, the nonprofit said.

“This decision comes with challenges such as moving some operations back into our existing warehouses while also securing additional space for equipment storage,” Hayward said.

The looming shutdown of the warehouse comes at a challenging time for the nonprofit, which is seeing heightened demand for its services during a period of soaring inflation.

After the coronavirus outbreak, demand began to rise for food services after many workers lost their jobs due to business shutdowns ordered by state and local government agencies.

“Since the level of need on our community skyrocketed to serving over 500,000 people every month, Second Harvest has been operating out of four warehouses,” Hayward said.

These consist of three warehouses in San Jose and one in San Carlos, according to Second Harvest. The San Jose locations include the one scheduled to be closed.

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