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‘Seinfeld’ star Michael Richards tells all in ‘Entrances and Exits’ memoir


By Brian Niemietz | New York Daily News

“Seinfeld” star Michael Richards opens up in a memoir that delves into his success as Jerry Seinfeld’s irrepressible neighbor Cosmo Kramer and the racial slur that effectively ended his career.

While the 74-year-old slapstick comic doesn’t get to his 2006 racist meltdown on a comedy club stage until late in the book, he blames it on anger, according to excerpts published by the Daily Beast.

“What the hell’s the matter with me?” he wrote. “Anger. Anger was the matter with me. I f—ed up.”

While performing stand-up at the Laugh Factory comedy club in Los Angeles nearly 20 years ago, Richards infamously lost his temper when a Black audience member heckled him. The racist tirade that ensued cost the comic his livelihood.

“I have no defense,” Richards writes. “I blew it.”

According to Richards, he wanted to apologize to the man he insulted by repeatedly using the N-word after his set, but that person had already left the club.

That wasn’t his first mistake on a Los Angeles comedy club stage.

In “Entrances and Exits,” which hit bookstores Tuesday, Richards recalls walking into the crowd while performing at “The Comedy Store,” rifling through a woman’s purse for laughs and spilling her medication. She sued the venue.

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