The Look-Alike Women in Donald Trump’s Orbit

Well, you can’t say Donald Trump doesn’t have a type.

While he used to have a thing for blondes—Ivana, Marla Maples, and dare we say, Stormy—his orbit now includes head-turning brunettes of a certain stripe.

The latest in the spotlight is Margo Martin, his deputy chief of communications, who accompanied him to his criminal trial in Manhattan earlier this month.

Oklahoma-born Martin, 27, started as a White House press assistant, rose through the ranks, and stuck with Trump even after after he lost the election in 2020.

With her chic wardrobe, sky-high cheekbones, and tawny tresses with a hint of wave, Martin draws easy comparisons to someone who hasn’t been in court: Melania Trump.

The Slovenian fashion model, married to Donald since 2005, has been keeping a lower profile lately, although the 52-year-old former first lady has appeared at several fundraisers in recent weeks.

Melania Trump

Speaking of the trial, the witness list includes Hope Hicks, Trump’s former White House communications director, who perhaps bears at least a passing resemblance to Martin.

Hicks, 35, a teen model who appeared in a Ralph Lauren ad, started working as a PR aide for Ivanka Trump’s fashion line and joined the administration in 2017, and quit the next year after being grilled by the congressional panel investigating Russia interference in the 2016 election. After a lucrative stint at Fox, she returned to the fold until Trump’s defeat.

Hope Hicks

Now that Trump is running again, one name we’ve been hearing a lot is South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem. The former congresswoman is one of the ex-president’s most resolute loyalists and has long been gunning for the job of running mate.

As The New York Times noted, as Noem went full MAGA, her looks changed, too, with her all-business layered bob giving way to the long brown locks sported by Hicks, Martin, et al. But the athletic 52-year-old’s veep dream might be as dead as her dog Cricket, now that she’s managed to outrage the nation by bragging in her memoir that she executed the “hated” wirehaired pointer some years back.

Kristi Noem

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