The Valley’s Kristen Reveals She & Luke Suffered A ‘Terrifying’ Loss

It’s been a storyline in season 1 of Bravo’s latest hit reality show and fans want to know if The Valley‘s Kristen Doute is pregnant. The hit show is a spinoff of Vanderpump Rules and features a lot of alums from the earlier seasons, including Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright.

The Valley, per a Bravo press release: “Vanderpump Rules alums Jax, Brittany and Kristen have all traded in their wild nights at SUR for a suburban life in the Valley. In the series premiere, their couple-friends Danny and Nia are trying to juggle three kids under 2 years old. Jesse and Michelle are navigating the complicated world of being both toddler parents and business partners. When Brittany goes all out, throwing a lavish birthday party for best friend Janet, things take a turn for the worse when the group focuses less on the festivities and begins judging Kristen’s life-altering decisions.”

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During the season 1 premiere, Jax expressed his concerns over Kristen’s plans to get pregnant and have a baby “out of wedlock” with her long-distance boyfriend, Luke Broderick. Kristen told Us that she and Luke will “definitely get married at some point” but are in “no rush” to walk down the aisle. “Neither of us are going anywhere, and we’re just happy.” So is Kristen Doute pregnant? Read on to find out.

Is Kristen Doute pregnant?

It doesn’t appear so, but it’s definitely something she and Luke aspire to. In the season 1 premiere of The Valley, she told producers: “Watching all of my friends over the past few years get married, have babies, grow their families … I’m the oldest girl in this group. Like, when’s my time?”

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Then, in the second episode, Kristen expressed concern about her biological clock. “I can’t just get knocked up like any day of the week, and I feel like it might be really difficult,” she explained. “I’m 40. I’m five years past a geriatric pregnancy … that’s f—ked up.”

She added that she really doesn’t want to jinx her chances. “I don’t want to keep talking about that or thinking about it or saying it out loud because I feel like, it’s like I’m putting that out into the universe,” she told Luke. “I’m just trying to not put all this stress and pressure on myself.”

During an appearance on Vanderpump Rules After Show, Kristen and Luke spoke about how having a child takes priority over planning a wedding, given the (unfair) parameters concerning women’s ages and the ease of conception. “Yeah, we both want [marriage] someday, and we want it when we feel like things have stabilized. But with Kristen’s timeline, her body clock, the baby’s more the priority,” Luke said. “I know that she will be a fantastic mother, and I know we’ll both be dedicated to that child no matter what.”

On the Nov. 26, 2023, episode of their podcast, Balancing Act with Kristen Doute and Luke Broderick, the couple somewhat reluctantly shared that they grieved a miscarriage at six weeks. “I genuinely can’t believe that we’re putting this out there … but I feel like for our listeners to understand where we are mentally and how difficult it is to talk about anything else, we have to kinda get this out there,” Luke said. “We find out that Kristen’s pregnancy is not a viable pregnancy.”

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Kristen added, “I only feel comfortable talking about this because I know so many friends of mine have gone through this. Or, I know so many women have been through this. It’s really f—king terrifying because you always think, ‘What’s wrong? What did I do wrong? Could I have done something different?’” she continued. “And my doctor and my friends have told me, inside and out, up and down, that there’s no reason — you can Google it ’til the day you die—there is literally no cause.”

In an interview with Us, Kirsten revealed that they’re actively trying to conceive. “We were fortunate last year to get pregnant, and then we had a loss, but once we kind of got over that emotional hump, we’re just, we’re back on the train hoping for the best,” she said.

In response to Jax’s commentary about having a child “out of wedlock”, Kristen said: “I felt like that was just Jax deflecting about his own life and not wanting to deal with all of the stuff that was going on with him. And Jax loves to tell other people how to run their life. So, I don’t necessarily think it was about my fertility or actually about my choices about my body to get pregnant or for Luke and I to have a family. I think it was just Jax’s way of deflecting, not having to deal with his own stuff.”

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