Travel: 9 reasons you won’t recognize Las Vegas on your next trip

By Sharyn Jackson, Star Tribune

LAS VEGAS — The most common refrain you’ll hear from anyone who’s been to Las Vegas — besides “what happens there stays there” — is how it’s nothing like it used to be.

Vegas has been evolving since the very first pair of dice rolled down a craps table like desert tumbleweed. And it just keeps changing, so much so that it’s virtually impossible for a Vegas experience to repeat itself.

Just since my visit in February, I can count on two hands the restaurants and bars that have opened, and at least one iconic resort, Tropicana, has closed. Vegas is the Snapchat of destinations; as soon as you create a memory there, it vanishes.

Here are some things to know about everything that’s new in Vegas.

The Sphere

A glowing orb recently popped up on the Las Vegas skyline. Getting inside should be high on your list.

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