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Why Isn’t There The Valley Reunion for Season 1? Fans are Blaming Andy Cohen


It’s the Bravo spin-off that’s even juicier than the OG. Fans are wondering why there isn’t a The Valley reunion airing weeks after the finale. Even the Vanderpump Rules alums were asking the same question when the show was airing.

The Valley‘s synopsis is as follows: “Vanderpump Rules alums Jax, Brittany and Kristen have all traded in their wild nights at SUR for a suburban life in the Valley. In the series premiere, their couple-friends Danny and Nia are trying to juggle three kids under 2 years old. Jesse and Michelle are navigating the complicated world of being both toddler parents and business partners. When Brittany goes all out, throwing a lavish birthday party for best friend Janet, things take a turn for the worse when the group focuses less on the festivities and begins judging Kristen’s life-altering decisions.”

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The show announced that they were renewing for a second season while season one was still on air. However, fans were hoping to see a traditional Bravo cast reunion. But, there isn’t one in the cards this time around.

Why isn’t The Valley getting a reunion?

Bravo shows usually don’t have a reunion for their first season, unless it’s part of Real Housewives. Fans immediately blamed Andy Cohen for not greenlighting it. “The Valley not having a reunion is a crime. We desperately need another reunion host for non housewives shows because I think this is the result of Andy not being able/not wanting to do it #TheValley,” one fan wrote on X. Another wrote on Reddit, “Seriously, no reunion is one of the worst decisions I have ever seen bravo make.”

Kristen Doute and her boyfriend, Luke Broderick confirmed that the cast is not filming a reunion. “No reunion. I think it is out there that we aren’t having a reunion. But regardless, it is 100 percent true,” Luke shared. “There will not be a reunion.” The two didn’t even know if they had a season 2 in the cards then, but it eventually was announced.

Many fans also speculated that there wasn’t a reunion because The Valley started filming season 2 in May 2024. “I think most bravo first seasons forgo the reunion,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “but when they saw how high ratings were you’d think they’d throw it together. since there’s no reunion to squash beef they’ll probably just milk it more for season 2”

Jax and Brittany shared on their ideas for reunion topics on their podcast, When Reality Hits, “I think the girls, maybe Janet and Kristen and Michelle, would probably want to address and probably see where they are right now,’ Jax said. “I think that would probably be the biggest [thing].”

Kristen Doute also added that the drama dragged on well past the finale when she was hoping for a season 2. “You don’t go into a Season 1 hoping that it doesn’t work out,” she explained to The New York Post. “We definitely hope there is a Season 2. I do feel like there’s a lot of things still sort of left unsaid. I can’t get into it too much. But you’ll know by the finale. There are still some stones left unturned. I would absolutely love to do a Season 2 with this cast.”

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