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On April 24th, Zico released the highly-anticipated MV teaser for “SPOT!”, his special collaboration project with BLACKPINK’s Jennie, igniting a wave of excitement among the fan community.

In the brief 3-second teaser featuring Jennie, fans were entranced by her expressions and undeniable artistry, leaving a lasting impression despite her fleeting appearance.

In a noteworthy debut on HYBE’s YouTube channel, Jennie’s inclusion in the teaser garnered international attention. This spotlight stems from Zico’s role as CEO and producer of KOZ Entertainment, a subsidiary of HYBE Labels. Consequently, all official content related to “SPOT!”—from teasers to the full MV release—will be exclusively available on HYBE’s platform.

Zico gives a spoiler for his collaboration with Jennie (Credits: @woozico0914/Instagram)

Fans across the globe eagerly await the official release of “SPOT!” as anticipation mounts for Jennie’s mesmerizing performance in the upcoming music video. The collaboration between Zico and Jennie has been highly anticipated, and the teaser only serves to heighten the excitement surrounding the project.

Jennie’s ability to attract audiences with her brief appearance in the teaser underscores her status as a dynamic performer and fashion icon. Each sight of her in the teaser has left fans eagerly anticipating more, eager to see what magic she will bring to the full music video.


As the countdown to the release of “SPOT!” continues, fans can stay tuned to HYBE’s YouTube channel for exclusive updates. With Jennie’s debut on HYBE’s platform, the collaboration between Zico and BLACKPINK’s Jennie promises to be a groundbreaking moment in K-pop history.

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