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Dan Stevens is not just an actor; he’s a chameleon of the film industry. From his days on Downton Abbey to starring in the live-action Beauty and the Beast, and more recently in Godzilla x Kong and Abigail, Stevens shows his incredible range. Fluent in German, he’s a gem for filmmakers and a delight for audiences.

In a conversation with Variety, Stevens expressed his joy in taking on diverse projects. He loves the idea that viewers might not recognize him from one movie to the next.

He teased upcoming projects, sparking excitement for what’s next, possibly an action or horror rom-com starring Stevens. Currently, Stevens shines in Godzilla x Kong and Abigail, both dominating the global box office. Enjoying the variety of roles he’s taken on, Stevens shares,

“It’s been an ambition of mine to do something where you can see one movie and then another and not recognize the same person. I love that. I’ve had encouraging feedback, and as a young actor, that’s motivating.”

Dan Stevens – The Next Rom-Com Star?

Stevens is open to diverse roles, mentioning his interest in a “medieval epic” or an “intense domestic drama.” He’s also keen on romantic comedies, saying,

“If directors like Adam Wingard or Tilman Singer approached me for a rom-com, I’d be in.”

Dan Stevens
Dan Stevens (Credit: IMDb)

Up next for Stevens is The Ritual, an exorcism film alongside Al Pacino, and Netflix’s political thriller series, Zero Day. Catch Stevens in theaters now in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire and Abigail

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