Eating beef every day improves blood?

My mother said beef is rich in iron, pregnant women should eat a lot to increase blood for both mother and child without needing supplements, right? (Linh, 25 years old, Hanoi)

Beef contains many vitamins and minerals that are very good for health. Beef is a rich source of iron, 87g of lean beef provides 2-3 mg of iron. However, you should eat a balanced diet, supplementing vitamins, calcium, omega-3 and unsaturated fats in appropriate doses. The concept of eating beef every day to nourish blood is not correct, it can even cause illness, decreased appetite, fatigue, stress, and lack of nutrients.

Beef is high in protein, so people with gout, high blood pressure, heart disease… should not eat a lot of it. It is harmful for people with high blood fat to eat a lot of beef, because beef contains a large amount of saturated fat. People with kidney stones should not eat beef because it is rich in protein, causing the amount of oxalate in the urine to increase, forming more stones. Overuse of beef leads to iron overload, which is harmful to health.

According to recommendations of the National Institute of Nutrition, the appropriate amount of red meat for healthy adults is 50-70 g per day, equivalent to the amount of 1-2 palms of an adult’s hand. However, this amount can vary depending on each individual’s gender, age, health status and physical activity level.

To ensure adequate nutrition for your body, you should combine red meat with other protein-rich foods such as white meat (fish, chicken, duck), beans, and mushrooms. Add more green vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. Drink lots of water, exercise every day.

If you want to supplement iron to supplement your blood, you should consult your doctor for the appropriate dosage.

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