Errors in Nordea cards’ margin reserves

Nordea says that there have been delays in the removal of some of the cover provisions this week.

NordeaThere have been errors in the margin provisions for card purchases of the bank this week, as a result of which the bank account connected to the card has shown both a margin provision and a debit.

A margin reservation is a reservation made for card purchases for a future debit from the account balance. The margin should be removed when the corresponding debit takes place from the account.

Nordic the communication says that there have been delays in the removal of margin reservations in some cases, even though the merchant has already charged for the purchase.

“Excess margin provisions are automatically removed from the accounts during the weekend, and customers do not have to do anything,” says the bank.

According to Nordea, the additional margin provisions for card payments apply to a “very small” part of its customers. The bank says that it discovered the error at the beginning of the week.

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