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Israel’s military is gearing up for a significant operation in the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah, aiming to evacuate Palestinian civilians and confront Hamas fighters, despite international apprehensions about potential humanitarian consequences.

A senior Israeli defense official revealed plans for the operation on Wednesday, emphasizing Israel’s determination to proceed despite warnings from the international community.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government confirmed that Israel is moving forward with a ground operation, although no specific timeline was provided.

Israel prepares for significant operation in Gaza's Rafah (Credits: AP Photo)
Israel prepares for significant operation in Gaza’s Rafah (Credits: AP Photo)

The Defense Ministry has already taken steps to accommodate Palestinians displaced by the impending assault, purchasing 40,000 tents capable of housing 10 to 12 people each.

Video footage circulating online depicts the establishment of tent camps in Khan Younis, near Rafah, though the video could not be independently verified.

Satellite imagery from Maxar Technologies confirms the presence of tent camps in previously vacant areas.

While Israel is prepared to act swiftly, the military awaits formal approval from Netanyahu. The potential evacuation of Rafah’s population, estimated to exceed one million Palestinians, has stirred fear and uncertainty among residents, many of whom have already been displaced by previous Israeli offensives.

Despite mounting international pressure to reconsider the operation, Israel remains resolute in its determination to confront Hamas forces in Rafah.

The United States has urged Israel to pursue alternative strategies to address security concerns in the region.

Diplomatic efforts falter as Israel maintains resolve for Gaza operation (Credits: EPA)Diplomatic efforts falter as Israel maintains resolve for Gaza operation (Credits: EPA)
Diplomatic efforts falter as Israel maintains resolve for Gaza operation (Credits: EPA)

Egypt, a key mediator, has warned against Israel’s incursion into Rafah, emphasizing the potential for catastrophic consequences.

While Egypt has facilitated the return of Palestinians from Rafah, it has underscored the need to prevent further escalation and civilian casualties.

As diplomatic efforts to broker a ceasefire falter, Israel’s military campaign in Gaza continues unabated. The death toll rises, with thousands of lives lost and countless more displaced amid the ongoing conflict.

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