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Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, disappointed investors with forecasts of increased expenses and lower-than-expected revenue, resulting in a significant decline in its stock market value.

The company’s market capitalization dropped by nearly $200 billion in extended trade, reflecting fears that the rising costs of AI investment may outweigh its benefits.

The decline in Meta’s stock value was close to the record-setting loss suffered in February 2022, signaling investor unease over the company’s financial outlook.

Meta focuses on AI investments despite investor skepticism (Credits: Getty Images)
Meta focuses on AI investments despite investor skepticism (Credits: Getty Images)

Concerns over AI expenses also impacted other tech giants like Alphabet, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Amazon, as Wall Street reevaluated the costs of competing in the AI race.

Meta’s revised expense forecasts for this year and beyond indicate a substantial investment in new AI products and computing infrastructure.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg emphasized the importance of AI investment, despite acknowledging the extended timeline for revenue generation from these initiatives.

While Meta’s AI initiatives have shown promise, investors remain cautious about the long-term payoff of these investments.

Analysts highlight the potential for Meta’s AI capabilities, leveraging its existing user base and ad ecosystem for future monetization opportunities.

Concerns over AI expenses affect tech giants' stock performance (Credits: Bloomberg)Concerns over AI expenses affect tech giants' stock performance (Credits: Bloomberg)
Concerns over AI expenses affect tech giants’ stock performance (Credits: Bloomberg)

Despite Meta’s focus on AI development, core advertising activities remain pivotal to its business.

The company’s Reality Labs division missed revenue expectations for the first quarter, underscoring the challenges of diversifying revenue streams beyond advertising.

As Meta faces regulatory pressures and competition, particularly from TikTok, the company continues to explore opportunities for AI-driven monetization, including potential applications in business messaging and customer support.

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