The Portuguese Juanito returns this Sunday to Las Ventas with the bullfight of Araz de Robles

Juanita He is one of the protagonists of the bullfight that closes the month of April in Las Ventas. This domingo 28 will do the passello with Curro Díaz and David de Miranda with a running of the bulls from Jaén’s iron Araz de Robles,

The young bullfighter returns to Madrid after his alternative confirmation in 2022 with bulls from Valdefresno. Precisely, in that season he was declared for the second time as the best Portuguese bullfighter of the year. Last season he braided the Pasello on 7 occasions, cutting a total of 18 ears and 3 tails.

Juanito says he has good expectations for the afternoon and affirms that he wants to “give my best, my best version and fight to my liking within what the bulls allow me so that Madrid can see it. I hope I can succeed and, above all, be able to enjoy such a demanding place”.

Given the opportunity to fight again in the Madrid bullring after confirming the alternative, the Portuguese states that he arrives happy, motivated and eager to be able to finish the bulls: “Madrid is my dream and I think that of all bullfighters. Madrid and its fans are the most understood in bullfighting because of the importance it has and how they respond,” he points out about the demands of the bullring.

“Araz de Robles He can give a great game if we analyze the results in this square in previous years. I am excited because it arrives at a good time and it is to the liking of the Ventean fans,” says Juanito about the cattle ranch.

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