The shares of Neste, Kesko and Kempower are sinking, forest giants and SRV are on the rise

On Thursday, Neste’s shares fell by almost 8 percent.

LiquidKesko’s and Kempower’s shares are getting ugly on Thursday on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

Oil refiner Neste’s share had fallen by almost 8 percent after 12 o’clock. Trading company Kesko’s B-series shares had closed by almost six percent, and battery charging company Kempower’s by more than six percent.

The background of the price dives is worse-than-expected earnings announcements.

Thursday is the busiest result day of the Helsinki Stock Exchange. During the day, dozens of listed companies publish their results.

The construction company SRV, which reported a better-than-expected result, is among the day’s biggest gainers. The company’s share price has risen by more than 5 percent by 12:15 p.m.

The forest giants UPM and Stora Enso have also been in a strong tailwind. The shares of both have risen in price by well over 4 percent.

The day of the Helsinki Stock Exchange has generally been a minor success. The general index had fallen by 0.9 percent by 12:15 p.m.

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