The Ultimate Pep Guardiola Quiz: 30 tough questions to test your knowledge of a tactical genius

Pep Guardiola might just be the greatest manager in the history of football. Not only has he revolutionised the way the game is played, but he’s also enjoyed immeasurable success, picking up silverware at an unprecedentedly relentless rate.

We’re putting your knowledge to the test of the tactical mastermind with this bumper 30-question Guardiola quiz that touches all bases – his playing career, his signings, his controversies and feuds to his many, many achievements at Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Barcelona.

There’s a mix of difficulties here. Some questions we’d expect anyone who knows anything about Guardiola’s career to get. Others we think will get even the most dedicated Guardiola aficionados with their thinking caps on.

If you’re after another quiz after this one, why not have a go at naming Man City’s XI from Pep Guardiola’s first Premier League game in 2016?

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