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A recent post on “theqoo” has sparked discussion among netizens, highlighting the overlapping advertisements and promotional activities between BTS and NewJeans.

The post lists various campaigns that were previously associated with BTS but later transferred to NewJeans during the members’ enlistment period. These include Jungkook’s Cocacola OST, Seoul Metropolitan Government Ambassadorship, appearances at New York Rocking Eve, Lollapalooza, McDonald’s collaborations, Cocacola promotions, Lotte Gum Japanese commercials, Shinhan Bank partnerships, and more.

The netizen behind the post raises questions about how NewJeans, a group with only 1-2 years of experience, could secure such high-profile promotions without significant support from HYBE. They point out the uncanny overlap between BTS’s past activities and NewJeans’ current endeavours during BTS’s hiatus from military service.

NewJeans collaboration with Cocacola (Credits: Dispatch Dipe)

In response, fellow netizens express scepticism and draw comparisons:

  • Some netizens express disbelief over NewJeans becoming the new Seoul Government Promotional Ambassador after BTS held that role for years.
  • Comparisons are drawn between NewJeans and Min Hee-jin, questioning the similarities in their approach.
  • Netizens ponder the role of BTS in elevating HYBE’s achievements, suggesting that other top groups had to earn recognition over the years to secure similar contracts.
  • The discussion underscores a sentiment that NewJeans is benefiting from BTS’s groundwork, with netizens questioning the attribution of achievements to NewJeans and Min Hee-jin.
BTS collaboration with Coway (Credits: Youtube)

The dialogue reflects ongoing scrutiny and debate surrounding NewJeans’ promotional activities, their perceived connection to BTS’s legacy, and HYBE’s support.

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