Threads offers greater control with ‘Hidden Words’ to filter unwanted content

Threads has announced the launch of new features that give users greater control over who mentions them in publications and sees them on the platform, with the new hidden words option, which allows filtering unwanted content in the feed, the search section and other profiles.

The company is currently working on new features focused on improving the user experience, some of them in testing, such as the implementation of publication archiving. This is a feature that allows the user to hide old posts, automatically or manually.

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Now, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has announced the deployment of new features that give users greater control over what they see on the platform, among which is the hidden words function.

This format, which applies to both feeds of the microblogging platform (‘Following’ and ‘For you’), allows you to personalize the content of the platform that you prefer to hide, something that also extends to the Search section, the profiles of other users and responses in publications.

It is worth remembering that the platform already has a default configuration that filters everything that it considers offensive, violent or harmful. However, with this functionality, the platform has introduced a new option in the settings section, which gives users the opportunity to enter what they want to restrict in the ‘Manage custom words and phrases’ tab. In this section you can enter words, phrases and emoticons.

On the other hand, the company has commented that it is testing the possibility of silencing notifications and connections to publications, in addition to beginning to test the possibility of controlling mentions. This means that “very soon” those who use the platform will be able to choose who mentions them, as well as revert this mention in publications in which they do not wish to appear.

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