Tiger Woods: A new revelation about the sex scandal

A new ugly fact emerged from Tiger Woods’ ugly past.

Golf star Tiger Woodsin a new revelation was heard about the sex scandal. The place of the revelation was surprising: a presidential candidate Donald Trump litigation.

National Enquirer media boss on trial David Pecker admitted New York Postin according to which the magazine acquired paparazzi photos in 2007 that revealed Woods and Mindy Lawtonin a secret relationship.

Three years earlier, Woods had married a Swede Elin Nordegrenin with. At the time the photos were taken, Nordegren was pregnant.

According to Pecker, however, the photos were not published, but were used to blackmail Woods into a cover story in the Men’s Fitness magazine of the Pecker-led media corporation, which otherwise Woods would not have agreed to any other day.

Pecker told the trial that the same tactic was used with many other superstars.

Woods talked in the fitness magazine about his diet, training and of course his steadfast love for Nordegren.

At the same time, the National Enquirer covered up the news about Woods’ cheating.

Tiger Woods’s family was a lie.

Ironically, yes, the National Enquirer started Woods’ downward spiral a couple of years later by reporting on his long jump with another woman. After this, the gambler’s many sexual partners became public, which led to a divorce from Nordegren worth more than 100 million dollars.

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