Vetusta Morla announces new album and a temporary separation: “If everything goes well we will get together again in 2026”

Never before Old Morla had been so…Vetusta Morla. The rock band indie Madrid has announced a stop in your music through a statement on his X account: “If everything goes well we will meet again in 2026“But we already know what letting go sounds like.

In the letter that has been published, the band specifies that they began to think about ceasing their activity during the final part of their last tour, Cable a Tierra. According to interpreters, the intention is “stop, try for a while what it is to live outside the orbit of Vetusta Morla“.

The musicians have reiterated that it is “a health issue“. Due to the level of professional demand to which they are subjected and the frenetic pace of the music industry, Vetusta Morla has said that she needs to lose track of all that: “We need to get away to strengthen ourselves.”

Until now, the band has not been able to put their withdrawal into practice because they found themselves involved in a new cloud of ideas: “To get rid of the mechanical wear and tear of the tour, we started doing something we had never done before, getting into the studio.” in the middle of a tour.”

What’s up with those songs? In her epistolary announcement, Vetusta Morla has announced that the songs they composed on the road gave rise to a debate: “At first we thought of taking it out suddenly and then disappearing“. All songs were heard during the end of tour; The Sheet of my Ghosts, Bridges y Cathedrals They are now available on digital platforms.

All remaining topics will be collected under the umbrella of Extras, a new album that “has arrived with the stealth of those who are not expected to be protagonists and go unnoticed.” He new album be available on may 31 on digital platforms, “with no plans around it, with no strategy other than sharing what excites you,” they have said.

Old Morla tour only through Spain and until end of 2024: “We will take advantage of the commitments that we already have closed to present it as it deserves. We start in May and end in September with the dates that are already scheduled.”

The abyss, however, opens at the end of the note: “We will dedicate our time to enjoying and taking care of our people, installing more washing machines. In short, living and enjoying life.”

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