WC bronze for the women’s national team: the weakest performance in years

Several surprising mistakes occurred in the final performance.

Finland the women’s cheer team had to settle for bronze in the World Cup finals in Orlando, USA, the night before Saturday Finnish time.

Finland was almost ten points behind the US team that took the world championship and 5.8 points behind Sweden, which took the World Championship silver.

In the semifinals, the Finnish team still had a top performance, but in the finals, the ranking fell two places lower.

The Finnish team made several surprising mistakes in the final performance. Several stunts were dropped in the program, which is why, according to the association’s press release, the overall appearance seemed clearly more uncertain than the semi-final performance.

– There was an annoying amount of mistakes in the final bet, and it was clearly not a program of our level. But as is often said, this is sport, team captain Emmi Reenkola said according to the union’s press release.

Finland’s score was 82.93. Sweden was almost six points ahead of Finland, and the United States was almost ten points ahead.

– Feelings are confused. It feels like we prepared really well and worked a lot throughout the season and specifically learned from last year’s mistakes, if you can say that. The second captain of the Finnish team still doesn’t understand how it happened like this Tuuve Häkkinen said.

– We clearly had more mistakes than Sweden and the Yankees. These positions should not have gone the other way, Häkkinen continued.

For the medal position despite this, Finland’s ranking was the weakest in years. Finland dominated the world championship in 2018–2022. Last year, Finland won silver.

Finland’s national cheer dance team took fourth place. The United States won, the silver went to Japan and the bronze to Mexico. Finland was the best European team.

– We enjoyed ourselves on stage and had so much fun together. We went into the finals with the attitude that we had clear points to improve from the semi-finals, and we succeeded in those today, team captain Veera Vavuli evaluate.

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