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On April 25th, a noteworthy post by an HYBE employee on the Blind community—a platform for office workers—drew attention to challenging CEO Min Hee-jin’s assertions regarding NewJeans’s independence from HYBE’s support.

The employee’s post directly questions Min Hee-jin’s statements, highlighting several key areas where HYBE’s involvement played a pivotal role in NewJeans’s success:

  • The sourcing and training of NewJeans’s members suggested they were part of HYBE’s talent pool.
  • Initial debut plans and strategic promotional efforts, including YouTube and Spotify campaigns.
  • Development and launch of the Phoning app, separate from existing platforms like Weverse.
  • Coordination of fan meetings, high-profile appearances, and media coverage for NewJeans.
Min Hee-Jin (Credits: Pinterest)

The post emphasizes that these tasks were handled by HYBE staff, not solely by ADOR as implied by Min Hee-jin, challenging the narrative of independent management.

Supporting comments from other HYBE and industry employees echo similar frustrations and disillusionment:

  • One staff member recounts working overtime to address last-minute issues related to NewJeans’s debut, highlighting the critical role of HYBE’s resources.
  • Comments from CJ ENM and YG Entertainment staff criticize Min Hee-jin’s alleged disregard for collaborative efforts and industry norms.
New Jeans (Credits: ADOR)
  • Another HYBE employee expresses frustration over duplicative efforts, such as the creation of the Phoning app alongside existing platforms like Weverse.

This candid discussion sheds light on internal tensions and challenges in the entertainment industry surrounding artist management and promotional strategies. It underscores the complexities of collaborative ventures and the importance of transparency and mutual respect among industry stakeholders.

The allegations put forth by HYBE staff highlight the nuanced dynamics at play behind the scenes of NewJeans’s rise to success, challenging public perceptions and raising important questions about accountability and recognition in the entertainment industry. 

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