HYBE’s Commitment to NewJeans’ Well-being Amid Management Dispute – OtakuKart

In response to the audit findings related to ADOR and Min Hee-jin‘s alleged attempts to seize management rights, HYBE made significant announcements on April 25.

The audit revealed disturbing details about ADOR’s strategies, including plans to sever ties with HYBE through unauthorized means, such as meetings with investors and leaking confidential documents. Consequently, HYBE has taken legal action against ADOR to address these breaches.

With a specific focus on NewJeans, currently the sole artist under ADOR, HYBE expressed a strong commitment to the well-being of the group’s members. The agency stated, “We are dedicated to prioritizing the mental health of NewJeans members and providing unwavering support for their upcoming comeback.”


In a proactive step towards ensuring the protection of NewJeans members, HYBE announced plans to promptly engage with the group’s legal representative. This engagement aims to discuss and implement necessary measures to safeguard the members’ rights and interests during this challenging period.

HYBE’s swift response underscores its commitment to upholding the welfare and professional interests of NewJeans amidst the ongoing management dispute.

The agency’s proactive approach reflects a dedication to maintaining a supportive and secure environment for its artists, emphasizing the importance of transparency and accountability in artist management and industry practices.

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