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DC’s Dead Boy Detectives found a new home on Netflix after starting development elsewhere. The comic adaptation, starring George Rexstrew and Jayden Revri as ghostly detectives Edwin Paine and Charles Rowland, moved from Max to Netflix in February 2023.

Series creator Steve Yockey explained the move in an interview with TheWrap. He mentioned that after James Gunn and Peter Safran revealed their plans for DC, the series didn’t fit with upcoming superhero shows like The Penguin and Creature Commandos. However, it found a perfect fit with Netflix’s popular adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.


Moving to Netflix gave Dead Boy Detectives the freedom to connect more with The Sandman.

We were making the show at Max, said Yockey. Netflix wanted the show because they had Sandman, and it takes place in the universe. With Netflix’s involvement, Yockey and showrunner Beth Schwartz could better connect their series to The Sandman.

Although they initially planned a show set in The Sandman universe, legal concerns changed their approach. Without restrictions, Yockey and Schwartz could now directly reference The Sandman in Dead Boy Detectives.

Still from the series
Still from the series (Credit: Netflix)

The series follows Edwin and Charles, two ghostly friends investigating supernatural crimes with their living friend, Crystal Palace, played by Kassius Nelson. The main cast includes Briana Cuoco, Ruth Connell, Yuyu Kitamura, and Jenn Lyon. Lukas Gage leads a recurring group.

Season 1 of Dead Boy Detectives premieres on Netflix on April 25. Stay tuned to know more about the series.

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