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Maco-Ching Ishihara’s comedic manga “The 3-Mei-sama” is set to receive a new live-action project titled “The 3 Meisama Ω” (pronounced “omega”) this year.

This project will include a new live-action series premiering on the Fuji TV On Demand streaming service on May 24, as well as a live-action film titled “The 3 Meisama Ω ~Korette Futsū ni Jiken Jane?!~” (Doesn’t This Already Count as Trouble?!) scheduled to open in Japan on August 30.

An announcement video for the project is currently streaming on the franchise’s official YouTube channel, featuring the familiar trio of characters introducing the new endeavor.

The 3-Mei-sama Gets A New Live-Action Series and Film (Credits: Comic Natalie)

The cast from the previous live-action series, including Ryūta Satō, Yoshinori Okada, and Takashi Tsukamoto, will reprise their roles as the three friends Futoshi/Jumbo, Mattsun, and Mickey, respectively. Additionally, Tamae Andō and Nashiko Momotsuki will return as waitresses, with Daisuke Kobayashi reprising his role as the waiter.

The new work will be directed by Takeshi Moriya and Ryōta Koyama at Atmovie.

“The 3-Mei-sama” Manga Inspires Anime and Live-Action Adaptations

“The 3-Mei-sama” follows the spontaneous late-night conversations between three directionless friends at a family diner restaurant.

Originally serialized in Shogakukan’s Big Comic Spirits magazine from 2000 to 2007, the manga’s first compiled volume cover emphasizes the importance of friendship and time over material success.

The 3-Mei-sama Gets A New Live-Action Series and Film (Credits: 3-Mei-Sama Official Youtube Channel)

The manga previously inspired an anime adaptation titled “The 3-Mei-sama: Anime wa Anime de Arissho!” in February 2009.

The live-action series adaptation debuted in 2005 and ran until 2010, spanning 11 DVDs. The series featured a real Big Boy family diner, substituting for the manga’s fictional Sunny Day restaurant. In April 2022, the live-action film “The 3 Meisama ~Remote Dake ja Muri ja ne?~” screened for one week only in Japan, marking the first new live-action title in the series in 12 years.

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